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More than 400,000 customers simplify their workday with solutions from Mamut races to pole position with Mamut

Each year arrange over 100 non-competitive car track days for motor enthusiasts all over Europe and the UK. The events take place at prestigious race tracks such as Silverstone, Brands Hatch, Dijon-Prenois, Spa Francorchamps, as well as the legendary Nürburgring Nordschleife.




Motor sport and leisure.

Number of employees:
3 full-time employees
25 part-time employees

Mamut Enterprise E5

Why they chose Mamut:

  • Mamut provided an efficient and optimised IT environment.
  • A scalable and flexible solution, they could integrate using in-house skills


  • Smooth transition process and minimal downtime.
  • Integrated solution with accurate reporting functionality
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Jonny Leroux, Director and
Founded 11 years ago by director and owner Jonny Leroux, the company has an annual turnover of £1 million and employs 3 full-time employees and a further 25 part-time workers. is head quartered in Lichfield, Staffordshire in the UK.

The Challenge had been using a stand alone accounting solution to process its payments. However its supplier decided to withdraw from the UK market. As a result, needed to find an alternative solution that could quickly and easily integrate with its existing website - without its customers experiencing any down time when booking their tickets online. faced several challenges. Nearly 97% of its bookings are generated online, so the chosen solution would need to be integrated with its existing website via an application programming interface (API).

  Mamut has led to a real improvement when it comes to scalability and speed of our business software. Our previous software product struggled on performance and reliability but we don’t have that issue at all with Mamut’s powerful solution. If business demand doubles overnight I’m confident that the Mamut solution will keep up.”."
Jonny Leroux,

The Solution

After considering several options on the market, decided on its winner - Mamut Enterprise E5 as its new business application.

Mamut Enterprise E5 is an integrated business software solution built on one database.

Providing small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) with the tools required to manage all areas of business such as; CRM and sales management, accounting and financials, purchasing and order processing, inventory and logistics, e-commerce including website with web shop, project management, timesheets, HR, and extensive management reports.

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Six months on since first installed Mamut, and they couldn't be happier. Finding the switchover and transition a smooth and easy process.

Mamut has been fully integrated with Bookatrack’s website, providing a highly automated and seamless end-to-end service for its online sales processing. As a result, the company has a fully active web shop which is completely integrated into its system. Having access to internal programming expertise, were able to handle the associated API integration inhouse, so no additional IT tailoring was required from Mamut or its partners.

Mamut’s customer service team provided on-going technical feedback and support to staff members, especially during the early stages of the implementation.

The Benefits

Since switching to Mamut, has seen an increase in the resilience and consistency of its IT system. In addition they also benefit from having mature functions across a range of business areas.

Leroux states that their previous product had struggled with performance and reliability issues, whilst Mamut software now provides greater power, reliability and scalability. Sales orders from the website are automatically synched within their Mamut solution requiring minimal intervention from Bookatrack’s staff.


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