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Mamut One
Office Start


Function Information


Operating reports

Various formats: printer, screen, fax, file, e-mail, html, rtf, PDF, etc

Favourite reports

Combination of favourite reports, combined printout of report packages

Report editing

Customisation of operational reports



EU statistics for purchasing and/or sales

Management reports, contacts


Total overview of all transactions, as well as overall status of contact


Journal Entry

Customisation, batch handling, checks, card codes, journal templates, journal types, journal lists, etc.

Nominal ledger with drill down

Traceability of journals and transactions at various levels

Open period accounting

User-defined start and end dates for the financial year


Project and department as cost/income carriers

Customer ledger

(receive money)

Automatic allocation, matching/linking open items, linking invoice/nominal ledger/contact, etc

Supplier ledger

(transfer money)


Automatic allocation, matching/linking open items, linking invoice/nominal ledger/contact, etc

Adjustment of VAT rates

Create new VAT codes with user defined VAT percentages

Cash flow


Viewing future cash flow

User defined Chart/Layout of accounts

Standard accounts, or create your own chart of accounts

VAT Return

Automated VAT handling throughout the system with easy to print VAT Return report and VAT reconciliation

Cash VAT accounting

Automated handling of Cash VAT accounting principles

Recurring Entries

Feature for predefined and user defined journal templates for all types of recurring entries



SAFT or Standard Audit File offers export of financial information to assist with auditing of the financial data


Contact management


Company and contact person register, contact import, e-mail integration, contact status, map and travel directions etc



Call from the contact card, automatic contact look-up, automatic conversation logging

Market segmentation/Campaign management


Categorisation of contacts for analysis and marketing activities


Sales order processing

Order register with direct link from quotations to invoices. Order status. Order export

Invoice management

Group and batch invoices, credit notes, part-invoicing, etc

Product management


Product register, price disk, product groups, product templates, EAN no., supplier’s product no. etc


Employee Register

Contact information, personal details and notes

Competence Register


Document register for courses, certificates, education, languages, experience etc


System administration

User groups, access control, backup, database tools, etc


Import/export of basic data, transaction data, etc

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office


Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook



Currency register, automatic exchange rate handling, triangulation, etc

Number of clients/company databases



Number of active clients, in addition to a test client




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