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Mamut One
Office Professional

MYOB Accounting

Function Information (Same as existing one on web-page)





Operating reports

Various formats: printer, screen, fax, file, e-mail, html, rtf, PDF, etc

Favourite reports

Combination of favourite reports, combined printout of report packages

Report editing

Customisation of operational reports



EU statistics for purchasing and/or sales

Management Reports


Key figure reports, financial management


Calculations, margins and key figures. Standard report templates with customisation options, etc.

Report designer, key figures


Creation of user-defined templates for key figure reports

Graphical presentation, nominal ledger


Choice of graphical presentations of N/C items for different periods, budgets and carriers





Journal Entry

Customization, batch handling, checks, card codes, journal templates, journal types, journal lists, etc.

Nominal ledger with drill down

Traceability of journals and transactions at various levels

Open period accounting

User-defined start and end dates for the financial year


Project and department as cost/income carriers

Customer ledger
(receive money)

Automatic allocation, matching/linking open items, linking invoice/nominal ledger/contact, etc

Supplier ledger
(transfer money)

Automatic allocation, matching/linking open items, linking invoice/nominal ledger/contact, etc

Payment reminder

Payment reminder suggestions, e-mail templates, etc


Access to sales, purchasing, payroll, operating costs, investments and liquidity budget. Graphical presentation of budgets, access to budget cost centres, import of budget / accounts to budget

Adjustment of VAT rates

Create new VAT codes with user defined VAT percentages

Cash flow

Viewing future cash flow

Late payment charges


Automatic invoice suggestions, amount and time limits etc

User defined Chart/Layout of accounts

 Standard accounts, or create your own chart of accounts

VAT Return

Automated VAT handling through out the system with easy to print VAT Return report and VAT reconciliation

Cash VAT accounting

Automated handling of Cash VAT accounting principles

Recurring Entries

Advanced feature for predefined and user defined journal templates for all types of recurring entries

Audit Trail reporting

Audit Trail reporting

Automated stock value entry


Automatic update of stock's book value

Graphical presentation, P and L & Balance


Choice of presentation of figures for various periods and budgets



SAFT or Standard Audit File offers export of financial information to assist with auditing of the financial data

Role based user settings


Several different sets of user settings for voucher registration users





Contact management

Company and contact person register, contact import, e-mail integration, contact status, map and travel directions etc

Activities management/Graphical calender


Planner, daily plan, graphical presentation, activity templates, follow up of activities, integration with Microsoft Outlook, etc

Document management

Standard and user-defined templates, merging, integration with MS Office, import, etc

Quote management

Templates, group quotations, repeating quotations. Link to Microsoft Word, frequency analyses, duplication, integrates documents modul, etc

Requests from web


Automatic import of enquiries on your website

Integration with Microsoft Outlook

Synchronisation of e-mail, calendar and tasks. Mamut toolbar in Outlook



Call from the contact card, automatic contact look-up, automatic conversation logging

Market segmentation/Campaign management

Categorisation of contacts for analyses and marketing activities

Project management

Project register, integration with contact and sales management, Purchasing, accounting/human resources, etc

Search and selection, campaign/DM-mgmt.

Extended dynamic processing of contact information





Sales order processing

Order register with direct link from quotations to invoices. Order statuses. Order export

Invoice management

Group and batch invoices, credit notes, part-invoicing, etc

Sales budget

Sales budgets by Salesperson, Customer and Product. Comparison with actual sales figures

Product management

Product register, price disk, product groups, product templates, EAN no., supplier’s product no. Price adjustments, product status, department handling, etc

Chain store management


Chain agreements, discount agreements, delivery agreements, etc

Purchase link and delivery schedule


Creation of sales orders based on purchase and delivery schedule with expected delivery date

Sales reservations


Reservations of stock lines on sales order

Unit handling


Different units for the same product. Recalculation of units





Purchase order processing

Stock lines/non-stock lines, account coding, repeats, part delivery, goods received, multi-lingual ordering etc

Warehouse management


Valuation, warehouse transactions, warehouse location, etc.


Automatic counting of your products, handling bar codes

Product bundle


Assembly/disassembly, stock updates, structure hierarchy, ordering of product bundles etc

Sales link


Creation of purchase order based on sales order





Employee Register

Contact information, personal details and notes

Competance Register


Document register for courses, certificates, education, languages, experience etc

Personal documents


Setting up personnel documents

Absence reporting


Registration and reporting of employee absenteeism

Salary registration (Mamut Payroll)


Salary registration and -reporting, all necessary printouts





Website with design templates


Wizard for set up and maintenance of website, optional design templates, storage space on server/web hotel

Web shop with cart


User-defined settings for company, customer, product, price, delivery, payment, terms, return, etc

Online credit card payments


Secure credit card sales (SSL)

Product register


Automatically updated product register. Product groups/sub-groups, etc

Space on web server/web hotel (Mb)



Storage space on a central server/web hotel. Can be expanded

Number of products in web shop



Active products in your web shop. Can be expanded





System administration

User groups, access control, backup, database tools, etc


Import/export of basic data, transaction data, etc

Fully integrated with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook



Currency register, automatic exchange rate handling, triangulation, etc

Number of clients/company databases



Potential for several users/installations on the network




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