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MyAccount: E-mail

article ID: 2023882 last updated: Thursday, June 16, 2011


Administration of E-mail:

This is accessible in both Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Here you can set up and administer all e-mail addresses for the domain. In this article we are using Simple Mode.

Click on the your domain name under E-Mail in the left-hand menu to see the choices in the main menu:

Opprette nye e-post kontoer

Click this to set up a new email account and the following screen shot will appear:

Here you can add in  the email address you would like. Use characters a-z, 0-9. Notice that the domain name is on the right hand side so you only need to write before the @ for the e-mail address. In this example we are setting up the address
NOTICE: This is the Username that is needed when composing a local e-mail program (f.eks. Outlook) or when logging into webmail.

Display name:
Here you can add in the name you want your recipients to see as the sender name on emails you send. In this example we chose that recipients of the e-mail will see Alan Smith.

Given name, Middle name, Surname and Initials:
Here you can add information about users of the email address.

Password and Repeat password:
Here you can add a password that you want for the e-mail account. This must be a minimum of 6 characters. Use characters a-z, 0-9.
NOTICE: This is the password that is needed when composing a mail in a local e-mail program (f.eks. Outlook) or when logging into webmail.

Here you can add in necessary comments about what the e-mail account  needs.

Mail type:
Here you can choose between POP and Business Mail.

Here you can administer the size of the e-mail account by clicking in the icons -50, -5, +5, and 50. The numbers indicate MB (megabyte). The numbers between the icons indicate the amount of space that has been allocated to the email account. The number over shows how much space in total that you have left to share between all of the e-mail accounts that have been set up. Should you run out of space you can order more by contacting Active24 on 0800 358 4698 or

When all the fields that are marked with * are filled out you can click on the button Next>> and the account will be set up. If it hasn’t set up you’ll get a screenshot that the account was setup incorrectly due to fact that the fields with * weren’t filled out or they contain incorrect information.

You can now set up your e-mail client with the new e-mail account.

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